Our experienced service brings in immediate value to our clients. The value is measured in terms of

  • Quick turn around times
  • Quality deliverables
  • Round the clock service
  • Higher savings
  • Enhanced business growth

As a long standing service provider in the healthcare industry, we make a difference to you and to your business.

Implementation Methodology

Anion's implementation methodology is based on the experience of successfully migrating more than 50 healthcare-related remote and onsite processes to date.

This proven service implementation platform is designed to ensure process integrity and minimize inherent migration risks.

It captures critical client documentation and incorporates an extensive knowledge base that assists the transition team in understanding, duplicating and migrating mission critical business processes.

How do we stand different?

  • Anion is a domain specialist servicing PROVIDERS and TPA
  • Focus is on back office support services our BUSINESS
  • Team is pooled and trained exclusively for this purpose
  • Our bench resources are used to scale up at times of emergency
  • We DO not bill you for our excess staff
  • We work 24/7 always on top of your needs
  • We know many tools and keep learning new tools our survival
  • Low Infra & resource costs help us give a cost advantage


Previous billing company unexpectedly stopped rendering services and billing was on halt for about 6 months in 2006. We took over the project in Oct 2006 and with in 3 months we cleared off the entire backlog. And combined collection is increased to about 300K by end of 2009, from only 150K down then.

"Anion does outstanding work when it is really needed"

Sriram VP operations - FMA

We started off with 10% of work, back in 2006 for Global TPA with just one project; by end of 2009 we were given 3 projects based on the quality and the speed we picked up in short time. Now we do about 70% of the work for them. Anion's quality and ability to scale up fast per clients requirements, enabled us to get 3 projects pipelined for 2010.

"Anion does exceptional good job under pressure"

Lucy O'Connor VP operations - Global TPA

With our expert knowledge in pathology billing, we could get Prime Dx project. Prime Dx was struggling with immature software and feeble collections. There were lot of delinks in every process result of which is huge AR.

We took over billing part on Oct 2009 and with in 3 months we could streamline a lot of processes on billing side and improved the collections.

"They are available 24X7 and put extra efforts to comfort the client"

Su - Formerly Prime Dx Director

"We were facing major trouble with back office. That's when Anion stepped in and took away our trouble, helping us concentrate on what we are good at our business. It is amazing to see the team at Anion extend their hours to ensure that we get our billing and payments done in pretty short duration"

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