Being in a very sensitive industry, Anion is appreciated & respected by clients for various operational practices including


Team Anion uniformly believes that the survival and growth of the organization lie in Quality deliverables to the client. The importance of quality is taught hard during the apprentice period itself and continues through the life cycle of employee engagement. We owe our quality consistency to


Our security practices ensure functional & data security aspects at all levels. Be it the transmission level, processing level, or entry-stage, the team is bound by stringent confidentiality terms. They are all well trained and educated about the confidentiality and security of the client information (PHI)

In addition, our systems are designed to ensure maximum security for data and business information. Our operations are guided through secure channels with complete access control on the client-side using Citrix interfaces and VPN. In addition, our facilities are under CCTV surveillance 24 by 7. We follow a “NO PERSONAL DEVICES ON FLOOR” policy. We are governed by HIPAA standards. We go through stringent third-party HIPAA audit every year with desk and physical inspections. We are also ISO 27001:2013 certified and appreciated continuously over years for our practices and adherence to guidelines.