Patient Management


We begin our services at provider office with patient registration services (patient demographic info), and appointment fixation.

Verifications/Eligibility Checks

We handle the process of checking insurance eligibility of the patient even before he/she visits on appointed date. This will ensure if patient is still eligible with the insurance we have for him on our records, the co-pay/deductible part, the co-insurance and so on. This will help the front office to collect the patient cost share upright avoiding lot of administrative cost, like sending paper bills and phone calls.

Referrals and Authorization

Our expert referrals team members

  • Acquire an immediate response to patient authorization request
  • Attach supporting documentation
  • Update authorization requests
  • Check status of previous requests and follow up

Follow up

Our provider analytical software engine empowers us to keep a track of the patient and ensure follow up with regards to any referrals and further course of treatment as driven by the primary PCP.